Full Stack, client & server javascript, UX/UI, QA. Coding in Barcelona

EUmies Awards

Pentágora, Bina Estudio, Fotosuelta, Collectiu Cultura

University of Barcelona UB, arts CERN, Port Barcelona (several projects), Research Project (UdG GRECS) for Digital Bakers

Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda in Proximity Barcelona - BBDO Group

Last project for Audi: epicmodeon.com. Done with Angular

Developer of formulaire and lite-mongo-query-parser, nodejs' modules
npm i formulaire
npm i lite-mongo-query-parser

Expertise and experience:

  • Wordpress: custom themes development, 360º projects
  • Drupal 8/9: coding custom modules, building enviroments, creating themes
  • NodeJs enviroments: Express, EJS, SQL
  • React
  • Angular 6
  • Boilerplate deployments
  • Rookie on Dart and Flutter
  • Gulp tasks
  • Responsives layouts
  • Sass mixins
  • Animation & interaction
  • Learning the SVG ins and outs
  • Atomic philosofy
  • QA expert, crossbrowsering

edu alfaro